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Los Angeles Fire Department Chief Officers Association Est. 1955


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The Chief Officers Association was founded in 1955 as the Chief Officers Group. Since that time COA has continued to build upon our foundation and serve and represent the command officers of the LAFD.


CAL FIRE has released a "Green Sheet" preliminary report for the line of duty death of CAL FIRE Fire Apparatus Engineer Cory Iverson of the CAL FIRE San Diego/San Diego County Fire Authority. Engineer Iverson was overrun by fire and killed December 14, 2017 while battling the Thomas Fire in Ventura County north of Fillmore, California. While working with a hose lay along a dozer line he was attempting to suppress a spot fire across the fireline. As one spot fire became multiple spot fires he attempted to escape but was not successful. The entire 2.6MB report is here.The portion of the document that describes the entrapment is below. Fire Apparatus Engineer Iverson is "FAE1" in the report.


Green Sheet Link


December 22, 2017

MOU22 Overpayment Issue

Recently MOU22 members received letters regarding their salary issues. Your COA is working to provide our members your employee rights to make informed decisions on this matter. As stated before, State Law prohibits the employer from garnishing wages without consent. The city is required to provide a full accounting of your salary calculations. The Fire Chief has granted a 30-day extension so that COA can conduct additional fact-finding.

Next Steps

  • The COA will seek legal counsel from subject matter experts to ensure that we provide our members a comprehensive overview of your rights as they relate to the alleged overpayments and guidelines/options that you can exercise as an employee.

  • The COA will convene a General Membership Meeting to provide updates and also discuss your concerns or questions.

  • The COA will continue to work collaboratively with the Fire Chief and his staff as we work towards resolving this matter. 


The Goals of the Chief Officers Association


To maintain and improve wages, hours, and working conditions for all members of the Chief Officers Association.


To provide improved communications among all members of the Chief Officers Association.


To promote and provide leadership, direction, and counsel for all members of the Chief Officers Association.


To provide a social relationship among all members of the Chief Officers Association.


To establish effective membership participation by developing and implementing a committee structure.

Fire Assistant Chief Exam Open For Filing

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Please click the link and view the Spring 2018 Calendar for the LAFD Historical Society visitor and volunteer opportunities.

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  1. General Membership Meeting Jan 24 & 25

    January 24 @ 8:30 am - 11:00 am
  2. Save the Date Leadership Symposium

    April 18 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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