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Greetings to our entire membership both active and retired members. As we enter into 2017 we usher in the election of our new Executive Board – President Andy Fox, Vice President Patrick Butler, Treasurer Robert Nelson, Secretary Kady Kepner, Director of Professional & Social Development Jaime Moore, Director Antoine McKnight , Director Rick Combs. We are pleased to have three new board members: Kady Kepner, Antoine McKnight and Jaime Moore. We also bid farewell to Alicia Welch, she has done an amazing job and will support the incoming board as she prepares for the next phase of her career.

In terms of our goals and objectives as an association, I want to acknowledge Fire Chief Ralph Terrazas for his professionalism and approachabilty. Chief Terrazas has been very supportive of the restoration of  resources, emergency incident technicians and for the first time in our history COA has developed a COA Executive Education Fund as part of MOU 22 that will be managed independently from the city.

The COA has renewed our commitment to technology and social media and our goal is to communicate more frequently via our website and other platforms. Our executive board is fully committed to the goals of the COA and we look forward to serving you in 2017.


Fraternally Yours,





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