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To All Active and Retired Chief Officers:

With the recent retirement of Assistant Chief Andrew Fox, an election was held on Thursday, September 20, 2018, to elect a new Chief Officers Association President. Andy’s efforts and accomplishments as the President of the COA over the past 11 years to improve the Association and the direction of the Department were substantial. In an effort to show your appreciation for all of Andy’s time and commitment to the COA, I encourage you to attend his retirement dinner on November 7, 2018 at the Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills and/or attend his COA retirement dinner once it has been announced.

As a result of Andy’s retirement, Assistant Chief Jaime Moore has been elected as the President of the Association. The composition of the Chief Officers Association Board is as follows:


Jaime Moore: President

Pat Butler: Vice-President

Robert Nelson: Treasurer

Kady Kepner: Secretary

Dean Zipperman: Director of Professional and Social Development

Rick Combs: Director

Antoine McKnight: Director


Our Association and its members are going to continue facing challenges. In addition to DROP concerns and the ongoing threat to our Medical Plan we are already thinking about contract negotiations for MOU No. 22 which expires June 30, 2019.

Your Chief Officers Association has been and will continue to actively work with government officials, the Fire Commission, the Department Administration, United Firefighters of Los Angeles, and the various stakeholder groups that represent all members of the Los Angeles Fire Department to improve the high standards and professionalism of the Department. However, the only way for us, as an organization, to meet these challenges is through the involvement and committed teamwork of every member of the Association.

In addition to the labor relations component, the goals of the Chief Officers Association are to provide a social relationship and increase communications among all members. We will continue to host seminars aimed at inspiring our members to be better leaders and host symposiums which address issues related to the management and decision making required of our Chief Officers. These are areas where we are looking to increase the involvement of our members. This can be accomplished in any of the following ways; contributing to the monthly newsletter, running for a position on the COA Board as they become vacant, participating in a COA committee or simply by attending COA sponsored events.  As we continue to provide the necessary leadership within our respective commands consistent with the expectations of the public, our civic leaders, the administration, and most importantly, our subordinates I ask that you keep an open mind and think of the areas where you may be able to contribute to improve our Association.  In the coming weeks you will receive a survey aimed at  gathering feedback on both the successes, and areas where we could improve as an Association.

I would like to thank the members of the board for electing me President of the COA.  I am truly honored by the trust these incredible individuals have in me and I am very excited to get to work.  I know I have big shoes to fill and promise that I will give it my all. I am thrilled to be working with such a great group of Chief Officers on the COA Board and would like to recognize them for their hard work, commitment and tireless efforts towards ensuring the voices of all LAFD Chief Officers are heard.


Fraternally Yours,





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